Taking Care of Your Ottawa Piano Tuning Needs

Often people ask why they should not wait until the piano sounds bad before tuning. One way to think about this is with an analogy about your car. We wouldn’t wait for our car to stop running before we changed the oil or had a tune-up. Just like your car, routine maintenance prevents serious problems from occurring with pianos. In the same way we maintain a car based on mileage, we should maintain a piano based on the change of seasons.

Pianos go out of tune slowly and often imperceptibly, so we tend not to notice that our piano is out of tune. However, when the sound is not as beautiful, we usually play and practice less, since there’s less reward for our efforts. This is true for children as well as for accomplished adults. Parents who do not play piano tend not to realize how important having a well tuned piano is for their children and how much of a benefit it is.

For a child to learn to play piano, it can take a good bit of effort before the rewards arrive. It is important, then, for the piano to be in top-notch condition, so that your child receives the rewards of beauty as quickly as possible.

The complex demands of learning to play piano result in additional accomplishments. Numerous studies have shown that children who study music, and particularly piano, also perform better in reading, math, and language skills and have measurably greater success in numerous other areas of their adult lives.

At Ottawa Piano Tuning, we are pleased to have the opportunity to assist you and/or your child in reaping all of the benefits that result from piano study. When you need your next Piano Tuning in Ottawa, I’m ready to serve you.